"In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality"

A few Words about Me,

my Job and Passion

My name is Konstantinos born in 1994. I'm a professional photographer since 2014, based in Limassol. Studied Sports Science, but my love for photography proved to be more influential in my later choices.

Expirience & Perspective

I initially started as a Photographer for Nightclubs which I had a perfect Collaboration for all these years. Then I got involved in Wedding and Christening photography. I am a self-taught Photographer and through Seminars and Internships I managed to turn my hobby into my current profession.


My team and I don't just take your photos... we tell your Story. We capture the Essence of your Biggest day as a Couple as well as the Birth of your Child, with Professionalism and Consistency. We focus on the Details while Maintaining a Professional and Comfortable Environment between us and the client.

Why Me

It's a great way to Tell the most Beautiful day of a Couple's life Together, to Contribute to the Recording of History and to Offer the Couple and their Relatives a kind of Special Heritage. I always make sure to meet the Customer's Expectations or even Exceed them. Because every Story is Unique, I firmly believe that Choosing the right Professional Photographer and Videographer for these Unique Moments in your Life is an Extremely important decision.

Technique & Process

As I Record your Event, I am always Looking for the next Creative corner, Discreetly moving without Fuss to my next Shot. This Creative approach allows me to Deliver a unique, Artistic account based on the Story of your Day, which will be as Beautiful and Relevant in the years to come as it is today.

Personal Identity

It has to do with Photo Shooting your Unique Story. We Celebrate with you, Party with you. Light or Shadow as well as many other Techniques are what I use to create my own Style.


Many ask me what Equipment I use, what Machine I have, etc. My answer is my own Eyes. You don’t take a photograph, you make it…

Dress Code

Whether it is a Formal or Informal Ceremony, I always dress for the Occasion.

Let's Talk

If you like my work please don't hesitate to contact me. Always available to be there on your special day and capture this unique moment of your life!